Pilot Information

Aerodrome data and surroundings

Airfield Name:

  • Mauterndorf Alpine Airfield

Type of Airfield:

  • Private Airfield (PPR)

Operating Hours

  • May 1st - September 30th
  • 9 h (LCL)> sunset (depending on the weather)

Radio Call Name:

  • “Mauterndorf Airfield“


  • 07 / 25 (Grasspiste)


  • 700 m

Licensed for:

  • Motorised Aircraft, Gliders, Helicopters

ICAO Identification:

  • LOSM


  • 47°07'55.0"N
  • 13°41'46.0"E

Load Capacity:

  • max. 3,2 t (3200kg AUW)


  • 700 m


  • 5570 Mauterndorf, Markt 458

Radio frequency:

  • 122,855 MHz

Airfield Height

  • 3642ft MSL (1110m MSL) - „Mountain Airfield“


  • 820 m x 25 m


Arrivals and departures from Mauterndorf airfield are generally to be carried out via radio link (call name: "Mauterndorf airfield"). In exceptional cases, flights can also be carried out without a radio link, provided that this has been agreed with the operations manager in advance and special attention is paid to airport traffic with regard to collision avoidance.


A safe and collision-avoiding approach and departure is solely the responsibility of the pilot! The operations manager only transmits information, but does not perform an “air traffic control service”!


Flights to and from Mauterndorf airport, as well as in its vicinity, take place in the uncontrolled airspace of class G. From 7500ft MSL (1000ft AGL) to FL125 the airspace follows class E. (transponder requirement for powered aircraft!) From FL125 the controlled and cleared airspace of Class D. In the vicinity of the Mauterndorf airfield, there is always lively aviation activity on good thermal days. For this reason, particular attention must be paid to hang-gliding and paragliding pilots in the vicinity of the airfield when arriving and departing.


In weather conditions with strong north (-west) and south winds, (especially foehn weather conditions), approaches and departures require very good flying skills on the part of the pilot. Due to the topography of the area around the airfield, on "foehn days" there are extremely gusty wind conditions along the airfield runway as well as in the short approach and departure zone.



At a height of 3642ft (1110m) MSL, Mauterndorf offers the highest airfield in Austria. This circumstance requires in-depth expertise in flight performance, especially on hot summer days. Due to high air temperatures (OAT) in summer, this can be a high density altitude area and can result in density altitudes of over 6000ft MSL, if the OAT at the airfield exceeds 28 ° Celsius. With regard to flight safety, this fact requires forward planning with regard to “flight performance and loading of the aircraft”. Finally, due to the "east-west orientation" of the runway (07/25), it should be pointed out that there is the possibility of glare  in the evening due to the low position of the sun when approaching runway 25.